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Why we need more women in the workplace
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Published: Aug 13, 2022

Part 1: Why we need more women in the workplace

Women with disabilities experience up to 10 times more gender-based violence than those without disabilities.

This is enough to prevent women with a disability entering the workforce.

Let’s look at some gender based statistics.

Men with disability are 51.3% more likely to be employed than women with disability who have a 44.4% employment rate.
56% of women with disabilities who are employed are on part-time employment. Compared to 22% of employed men with disability who are working part-time.

This is due to the barriers women with disabilities face when entering employment.

But luckily, the world is changing and industries are becoming more inclusive.
Why is this so important?

The main reason is that organisations will miss out on opportunities if they don’t get the gender balance right. Here’s why…

Being inclusive means that companies have more talent to choose from.

When we have different perspectives this means we can innovate more.

More representation of the company’s clientele.

Increased profitability for the company.

In our next article we will be sharing what needs to happen to encourage equality and diversity in the workplace.

We launched our Women in the Workplace stream of learning in February 2022.
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