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Tips to get you ready to start cooking!
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  2. Tips to get you ready to start cooking!


Published: Apr 3, 2023

Tips to get you ready to start cooking!

Cooking can be difficult, whether you have an intellectual disability or not.

Cooking can help us become more independent.

Here are our top tips when it comes to cooking.

Always wash your hands.
Washing your hands stops you spreading germs to your food.
It also stops you from spreading germs from your uncooked food.
Use the correct chopping board.
You should use a separate chopping board for meats from your other ingredients.
Make sure your knives are sharp.
When you keep your knives sharp it stops you from slipping when chopping ingredients.
Cook your food thoroughly.
Make sure you cook your food as per the recipes.
Uncooked foods can give us food poisoning or make us ill.
Another way to stop becoming ill is to make sure your food is not going off.
Wash your plates and cutlery properly.
Using a dishwasher or washing your dishes by hand with washing up liquid will kill any germs.
That’s our top 5 tips when it comes to cooking!
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