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Published: Oct 16, 2021

What is a Service Provider

You have probably heard the term Service Provider many times, but do you know what it means? 

What is a Service Provider?

The NDIS says that  a Service Provider is a person, business or organisation that gives you services paid with the NDIS money.

 This is called a funded service.

Service Providers offer services depending on their knowledge.

For this reason, different Service Providers will offer different types of services

There are many different types of Service Providers, here is a short list:

  • Community Access supports – this is someone who supports you getting out and about
  • Supported Accommodation -this is ongoing support to live in your home
  • Supported Employment – this is ongoing support in your workplace

How to choose a provider

 The first step is to decide the types of services that you need. Here are some examples of what to consider:

  • Do I need support with work?
  • Do I need support with living in my own home?
  • Do I need support to use the bus?
  • Do I need support to get to work?

To make these decisions can be difficult.

You might want to ask someone you trust to help you make these decisions, is a great idea!

At Me Plus More we have created a whole topic of learning on how to choose your supports. 

 Click here to see what it includes.

Choosing the Service Provider for your needs can help you reach your goals.

Different types of Service Providers

 A Service Provider could be:

  • A person or
  • A large or small organisation

 Service Providers may be registered with NDIS or may not be registered with NDIS.

There are different reasons why a Service Provider is or is not registered with NDIS.

 Remember: You cannot assume that a Service Provider will be the right fit for you just because it is registered with NDIS.

 So, shop around!

How to find a Service Provider

 Click here to find an NDIS registered Service Provider.

Before choosing a Service Provider, we recommend looking up their services online. 

You can check the reviews they get from other people to help you make your decision. 

You could ask for help finding the right Service Provider for you, by contacting your:

  • Local Area coordinator (LAC), or
  • Your Support Coordinator, if you have one, or
  • Your family or friends

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