Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions tell you what the rules are for using a website.

When you use the Me Plus More website, you are agreeing to these rules. 

To use the Me Plus More services, you will need to become a member.

You decide which membership that is right for you.

You will need to give Me Plus More some personal information.

You can find out about this by looking at the privacy policy.

You must pay to become a member of Me Plus More.

Once you are a member you will have access to the services straight away.

You must keep your password private and your membership is just for you.

Everything you see on the Me Plus More website is protected by copyright under the laws of Australia.

Copyright means that you cannot copy the information you see on the Me Plus More website.

Using Me Plus More services is at your own risk.

This means that it is not Me Plus More’s fault if something goes wrong.  

You can choose to stop your membership at Me Plus More whenever you would like.

Me Plus More can stop your membership if you do not follow to the terms and conditions.

Me Plus More is an Australian company.

Any problems that may occur will be worked out in New South Wales.